Mathematica Graphics in the Internet: Additional Lighting and Clipping in LiveGraphics3D

Ralf Schaper   Universitšt Kassel


The Mathematica-notebook -  without the pictures (57 KB) resp. with pictures (21 MB)  - of my talk at the 
Fifth International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching, August 6 - 9 2001, University of Klagenfurt.

A short  HTML version.

You can get e.g. the animation "klafu7.html" from: klafu7
and you may compare it with the animation at

If you change only the number x  in klafux, you can get another animation: e.g. klafu10.html from: klafu10, a clipped icosahedron.

Hints on the user actions and their applet reactions can be found in the section User Interface of the
Documentation of LiveGraphics3D 
or at the end of the page

These are the nice examples: klafu7 klafu9 klafu10 klafu11 klafu12 klafu14 klafu15 klafu16 klafu18 klafu19 klafu20 klafu21 klafu22 klafu23 klafu25 klafu26 klafu27 .

Some of the applets need some time to compute the polygons.
The quick ones are: klafu26 klafu7 klafu9 klafu10
                        You can move this figure with the mouse.



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