ISAAC The International Society for
Analysis, its Applications and Computation

3rd International ISAAC Congress
20.-25. August 2001

S E C O N D    A N N O U N C E M E N T

The following scientists have agreed already to give a plenary talk:

N. S. Bakhvalov and M. E. Eglit (Moscow), A. D. Bruno (Moscow), M. Essén (Uppsala), P. Kuchment (Wichita), V. Maz'ya (Linköping), S. M. Nikol'skii (Moscow), T. Nishitani (Osaka), I. Prigogine and I. Antoniou (Brussels), S. Saitoh (Kiryu), M. Singer (Raleigh), D. Tataru (Evanston)

The Congress is organized in sessions as

Real and complex analysis
Function spaces and fractional calculus (V. Burenkov, St. Samko),
Asymptotic decomposition (methods of small parameters, averaging theory) (Yu.A Dubinskii)
Integral transforms and applications (S. Saitoh, H.-J. Glaeske, R.Gorenflo), ,
Analytic functionals, hyperfunctions, and generalized functions (M. Morimoto , H. Komatsu )
Geometric function theory (G. Kohr, M. Kohr),
Complex function spaces (R. Aulaskari, I. Laine),
Value distribution theory and complex dynamics (C.C. Yang)

Hypercomplex analysis
Clifford analysis (K. Gürlebeck, M. Shapiro, W. Sprößig),, ,
Octonions (T. Dray, C. Monogue),

Potential theory and applications
Nonlinear potential theory (O. Martio)
Classical and fine potential theory, holomorphic and finely holomorphic functions (P. Tamrazov)

Differential geometry and applications
Differential geometry and control theory for pdes (B. Gulliver, W. Littman, R. Triggiani)
Differential geometry and quantum physics (Th. Friedrich)

Differential equations and operator theory
Singular boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations (R.P. Agarwal, D. O'Regan),
Dynamical systems (B. Fiedler)
Attractors for partial differential equations (G. Raugel)
Spectral theory of differential operators (B. Vainberg)
Pseudodifferential operators, quantization and signal analysis (M.W. Wong)
Integral equations and pseudodifferential equations (B. Silbermann)
Microlocal analysis (B.-W. Schulze, M. Korey) ,
Complex and functional analytic methods in pdes (A. Cialdea, D.-Q. Dai, W. Lin) ,,
Geometric properties of solutions of pde's (R. Magnanini)
Qualitative properties of solutions of hyperbolic and Schroedinger equations (M. Reissig, K. Yagdjian),

Applied analysis (mathematical physics, engineering, life sciences)
Homogenization, moving boundaries and porous media (A. Bourgeat, R.P. Gilbert) ,
Constructure methods in applied problems (P. Krutitskii)
Hysteresis problems in applications (I. Müller)
Pattern formation (M. Mimura)
Waves in complex media (R.P. Gilbert, A. Wirgin),
Nonlinear waves (I. Lasiecka, H. Koch),
Mathematical analysis of problems in solid mechanics (K. Hackl, X. Li),
Direct and inverse scattering (L. Fishman)
Inverse problems (G.N. Makrakis, Y.S. Xu, M. Yamamoto),,,
Inverse problems in medicine (H. Tanaka)
Mathematical methods in non-destructive evaluation and non-destructive testing (A. Wirgin)
Stochastic processes (M. Moehle, H.-J. Schuh),
Mathematical biology (K.P. Hadeler)

Numerical analysis and computation
Numerical methods for pde's, systems and optimization (A. Ben-Israel, I. Herrera),
The analysis and computation of complex systems (G. Roach)
Wavelets (R. Hochmuth)
Computer algebra and computer analysis (K. Gatermann, W.Koepf),

The time limit for talks is 30 minutes, for invited main speakers in the sessions 45 minutes.


Contributions to the proceedings are limited in length by 10 pages. They should be prepared in AMSTEX or LATEX and sent before November 1, 2001 as files to and at the same time twice as printouts to

3rd ISAAC Congress
I. Math. Inst., FU Berlin
Arnimallee 3
14195 Berlin, Germany


Deadline for registration is April 30, 2001. For registration please use the registration form. Registration will be effective only if the congress fee is paid before April 30, 2001

1. via bank transfer to

Hauptkasse der Freien Universität Berlin
Berliner Bank AG
Account 3901999303, Bank Code 10020000
Intended purpose: Unterkonto 04/28290/19010231, ISAAC

2. via bank cheque
3. via credit card

Congress Fee

The Congress fee for participants is

DM 400 including proceedings,
DM 300 excluding proceeding.

For accompanying persons

DM 65.

This includes a ticket for local transportation (subway, bus, tram) throughout the city and up to Potsdam valid during the week of the congress and refreshments during the congress.

Late registration

The Congress fee for registration after April 30, 2001 for participants is

DM 500 including proceedings,
DM 400 excluding proceedings,

and for accompanying persons

DM 65.

ISAAC Membership Fee

Participants who want to become an ISAAC member are asked to add

DM 85

to the congress fee. This is the membership fee for 2001 and 2002. The membership fee can also be paid in August at the registration desk.

ISAAC Membership

Lifetime membership fee is US $ 200. The ISAAC board will decide about the applications for membership at the meeting. People from countries with weak economy may ask for exemption from paying membership fee.

Membership can be applied for through the form on the home page


Abstracts of talks and poster sessions of length not exceeding one page should be sent as LATEX or AMSTEX files before May 31, 2001 to

Social Programme

On Wednesday, August 22, 2001 there will be no scientific programme but some excursions either to the castle Sansoussi of Frederic the Great in Potsdam or a boat tour through the city along the rivers and lakes.

For accompanying persons more excursions will be offered during the whole week.

Berlin offers a wide variety of theaters, opera houses, concert halls, galleries, museums, castles, several botanical and zoological gardens etc. Several excursions will be offered for accompanying persons.

On Thursday evening there will be a conference dinner. Tickets for this will be available at the registration desk.

ISAAC Meeting

The society will meet on

Thursday afternoon, August 23, 2001.

ISAAC Awards

Thanks to sponsoring through

Siemens, DaimlerChrysler, Motorola, Berlin Mathematical Society

and book gifts from

Kluwer Academic Publisher, Springer Verlag

some ISAAC Awards will be given to young researchers (below the age of 40) in the areas Analysis, its applications and computation.

Each award will include DM 800 and some books.

Candidates for the awards may be nominated especially by ISAAC Board Members and Session Organizers but also may apply by themselves.

Nominations and applications should be sent before May 31, 2001 to the address

3rd ISAAC Congress
Award Committee
I. Math. Inst.
FU Berlin
Arnimallee 3
14195 Berlin, Germany
Fax: +49-30/838 75403

An Award Committee will select the awardees.
Awards will only be given to participants. In case an awardee will not be able to participate he/she will get the Award document but no money and no books.

Conference building

The congress will be held at

Freie Universität Berlin
Habelschwerdter Allee 45
14195 Berlin (Dahlem)

reachable via subway (U-Bahn line 1) station Thielallee and bus no 111.

On Sunday, August 19, 2001 the registration desk will be open between 5pm and 8pm at

I. Math. Inst.
FU Berlin
Arnimallee 3
14195 Berlin

reachable by subway (U-Bahn no1), station Dahlem-Dorf and bus no 183 stop Arnimallee.


Participants are requested to arrange for accommodation as early as possible with

Berlin Tourismus Marketing
Am Karlsbad 11
Fax: +49 - 30 - 24 00 24 24,
Tel.: +49 - 30 - 25 00 25

For a place in a youth hotel please contact Barbara Wengel (

International Advisory Board (ISAAC Board)

R.P. Gilbert (USA), President of ISAAC
H. Begehr (Germany), A. Ben-Israel (USA), A. Bourgeat (France), E. Brüning (South Africa), W.A. Cherry (USA), Ch. Constanda (UK), Ju.A. Dubinskii (Russia), M. Essen (Sweden), A. Fasano (Italy), L. Fishman (USA), C.H. FitzGerald (USA), K. Hackl (Germany), I. Herrera (Mexico), J. Kajiwara (Japan), St. Krantz (USA), I. Laine (Finland), I. Lasiecka (USA), W. Lin (China), F.C. Liu (Taipei), T. Murai (Japan), I. Netuka (Czech Rep.), A.G. Ramm (USA), G.F. Roach (UK), J. Ryan (USA), S. Saitoh (Japan), P.M. Tamrazov (Ukraine), L. Tavernini (USA), D.A. Tarzia (Argentinia), B. Vainberg (USA), A. Wirgin (France), M.W. Wong (Canada), Y.S. Xu (USA),  C.C. Yang (Hong Kong), S. Zhang (USA)

Local organization committee

H. Begehr (FU Berlin), K. Doppel (FU Berlin), M. Efendiev (FU Berlin), B. Fiedler (FU Berlin), K.-H. Förster (TU Berlin), Th. Friedrich (HU Berlin), F. Gackstatter (FU Berlin), H. Gajewski (WIAS Berlin), K. Gatermann (ZIB, FU Berlin), R. Gorenflo (FU Berlin), R.D. Grigorieff (TU Berlin), K. Gröger (HU Berlin, WIAS Berlin), H. Junek (Univ. Potsdam), W. Koepf (Univ. Kassel), I.S. Louhivaara (FU Berlin), B.-W. Schulze (Univ. Potsdam), D. Schmersau (FU Berlin)

For more information about ISAAC see and

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