Department 10 Institute of  Mathematics
Announcement of Lecture for SS 2013
Prof. Dr. Wolfram Koepf

Computer Algebra I

Veranstaltung SWS Tag Zeit Ort/Raum Dozenten
HPS / R. 1403
W. Koepf 18.04.13

HPS / R. 2421
E. Nana Chiadjeu

Adapted to: Bachelor Modul B6 / B8, Lehramt Modul MAL 3-5, Bachelor Physik, Bachelor und Master Informatik.

computer algebra deals with algebraic algorithms which are available in computer algebra systems like DERIVE, Maple or Mathematica and also in scientific calculators like the TI89 and others. In future every high school teacher must be aware that he has to deal with computer algebra in his work. Also in many business branches computer algebra plays a more and more important role. Therefore this lecture is recommended to every Mathematics student, but also to students of Physics. The lecture is compulsory for Bachelor Mathematics (Modul BM 6), obligatory for the application field Computational Mathematics in the Bachelor Computer Science as well as compulsory for Lehramt Mathematik L3 (Modul MAL 3-5). Finally the lecture can be used in the module "Vertiefung in Mathematik/Elektrotechnik" for the Master Computer Science. The lecture contains basic algorithms and their backgrounds. In the exercises we work with Mathematica. Here the internal features are used as well as the embedded programming language which we use to implement algebraic algorithms.


Literature: Koepf, Computeralgebra. Eine algorithmisch orientierte Einführung. Springer, 2006
Qualification:  Basics of algebra und computer algebra are required, but not strictly necessary.
Certificate: 50 % adapted ecercises, oral or written exam in the audit period.

The lecture has 5 Credits, the students of Computer Science get 6 Credits.

Ecercise Sheets:

Mathematica Introduction
Exercises 01
Mathematica solutions 01
Exercises 02
Mathematica solutions 02
Exercises 03
Mathematica solutions 03
Exercises 04
Mathematica solutions 04
Exercises 05
Mathematica solutions 05
Exercises 06
Mathematica solutions 06
Exercises 07
Mathematica solutions 07
Exercises 08
Mathematica solutions 08
Exercises 09
Mathematica solutions 09
Exercises 10