Lecture Course SS2013

In the summer term 2013 I will offer a lecture course

Algebraic Topology

(2h lectures, 1h tutorial). For bachelor students, it is part of the module B8 Ergänzungsvorlesungen; for master students it belongs to the module M8 Ergänzungsvorlesungen II. The course will be taught in English.

What is the difference between a sphere and a torus? Intuitively, the latter one has a "hole" and the former one not. Algebraic Topology provides a language to formulate (and answer) such questions via algebraic tools. The course will introduce underlying concepts like homotopy and homology. Prerequisites are only the basic courses in analysis and (linear) algebra.


  • W. Fulton: Algebraic Topology, Springer
  • A. Hatcher: Algebraic Topology, Cambridge University Press
  • K.H. Mayer: Algebraische Topologie, Birkhäuser
  • E. Ossa: Topologie, Vieweg+Teubner

Lecture dates:

Time/Room: Wednesday 09:00-11:00, HPS 0421
Start: April, 17th


The tutorials will be given by Matthias Fetzer. They take place Wednesday, 11:00-12:00, in room 0450A and start on April, 24th.

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