Lecture Course Summer 2022

In the summer term 2022, I will teach a course

Mathematical Biology

(with exercises). The course comprises four hours lectures and two hours tutorials per week.

The main emphasis of the course lies on modelling biological phenomena with ordinary differential equations and on the mathematical analysis of the arising dynamical systems. Although basics from the theory of ordinary differential equations will be recalled at the beginning of the course, it is assumed that participants are familiar with them.


  • Britton: Essential Mathematical Biology
  • De Vries et al.: A Course in Mathematical Biology
  • Murray: Mathematical Biology 1
  • Segel, Edelstein-Keshet: A Primer on Mathematical Models in Biology

Time/Location: Monday and Tuesday 15:00-17:00, Room 1409
Begin: 12. April


The tutorials will be organised by Matthias Seiß.

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