Involution and Constrained Dynamics II: The Faddeev-Jackiw Approach
Reference: Journal of Physics A - Mathematical and General, 28 (1995) 7315-7331
Description: As the title clearly indicates, this is a follow-up of the previous paper. It specialises the theory presented there to systems described by a Lagrangian affine in the velocities. Special emphasis is put on systems with second class constraints. It is shown that the approach of Barcelos-Netos and Wotzasek to cope with them by extending the phase space can be seen as an abelisation of the constraints. This paper also started my work on the numerical integration of constrained system. I showed theoretically and practically that the equations of motion of the Faddeev-Jackiw approach have interesting stability properties. This stems from their close relationship with the Dirac bracket and is studied in more detail in [16] .
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